ANSLAW company was established in 1995 in Grodzisk Wielkopolski as a family company.
Our main purpose is the production, purchase and sell of fresh mushrooms and forest undergrowth.
We deliver our products not only to the local markets but also to the countries of the European Union.
Our main goal is to deliver the highest quality products to the customers. As we hold the GLOBALG.A.P certificate we care about the safety of the food and we have introduced all the HACCAP system regulations.
Since the very beginning of our work our assumption was the constant development. In 2010 we finished the enlargement of one of our cold storage and in 2012 we upgraded the factory hall and purchased a new packing machine and forest undergrowth sorting machine.

Everyday we deliver fresh mushrooms to the cold storages so that we are able to deliver the highest quality, fresh products to our customers.
In our diverse offer we have top quality mushrooms packed accordingly to the customers needs.

We can fulfil the needs of the most demanding customers.

ANSLAW company owns a transport fleet of refrigerated vehicles so that the customers receive the top quality,fresh products.